I fix anything under the sun

MultiHub Handy Services

I am a professional handyman that deal with minor repairs and installation work that involved both electrical, plumbing, carpentry and painting work. Contact me today for a no obligation quotation.

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SCAM ALERT! Do not transfer any money or share your banking details with anyone who pretends to be me using another mobile number. My contact number remains the same at 8787 4992. Please call me in person when in doubt.

My Services

Carpentry Services

Cabinet Wrapping
Doors Repairs & Installation
Window Hinges Repair & Replacement
Cabinet Hinges Repair & Replacement
Kitchen Cabinet Internal Repair Work
Cooker Hob Installation
Online Furniture Installation Work
Vinyl / Laminate Flooring Installation

Electrical Services

Lights Installation
Wall Fan Installation
Power Socket and Point Installation
Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Work Replacement
WC Flushing System Replacement
Basin / Tap Installation
Electical Appliances Installation

Painting Services

Touch Up Painting
Anti-Fugus Painting
Whole House Painting
Spalling Concrete Repair

About Me

I am your typical handyman that fix anything under the sun.

Hi. I started my career in the carpentry industry helping homeowners to install their build-in cabinets. Thereafter, I started my own business as a handyman as I realize that I am pretty good with all sort of tools. I also enjoy helping home owners to solve our their household issues with my expertise. Some of these things can be pretty dirty and messy. But as long I see the smile on my clients’ faces. It it totally worth it!