Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I provide a 1 month warranty from the date of repair or installation.

It really depend on the kind of work need to be done. A general rule of thumb is to have more repair work need to be done on a single trip compare to just 1 item need to be repair. Take photos or videos and send via whatapps to me with a description of the work need to be done so that i can give you a quotation beforehand. 

Please let me know the repair work need to be done beforehand. Ususally, if it is pass normal working hour. A emergency call fees will apply on top of the repair cost.

I do mainly minor electrical, plumbing, carpentry and painting work. I also do restainment work for tenancy such as painting, repairs and installation work to the entire house before the new tenants move in. 

Yes. I am familair with such work. Kindly whatapps to me the photos of the furniture that need to be install.

That really depend if the spare parts are available as many oversea appliances have components that are difficult to source for. So it make more sense to replace a new one. However, you can still contact me and I try my best to fix it if needed.